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Becker's graphically influenced paintings reflects the complexity of change and indicates the dynamic processes behind the signs.

The dynamics and multidimensionality of Becker's manifold sources of inspiration have left strong imprints on his oeuvre, where, next to his preferential field of work, includes collage, etchings, sculpture and mixed media. His vividly coloured and pithy pictures are recognisably influenced by photography: Expressively minimalist depictions of motion captured in the moment, like freeze frames extracted from a sequence,render visible the intenseness of the energy flow condensed to evocative shape.

A native of Bremen in northwest Germany, Becker has more recently relocated to Bournemouth along Britain's south coast. He says: “painting is like dancing, it is imbued with vigour and emotion – and therefore always genuine.”

According to some critics his work often appears to be part of narrative image sequences, like fragments of an evolving story.

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