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Her art training began in London 2001 and resulted in a Fine Art degree from the picturesque seaside town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire where she currently lives.

Chalmers work probes the human condition. Themes of memory, gender and the body politic are explored through the process of painting, printmaking and photography. The melinex paintings for which she has now become famed for evolved through a methomd of pouring and dripping a limited palette of earth couloured inks. She has become fascinated in the way that unexpected painterly forms attain a presence of their own. Working quickly and intuitively the water-based media is allowed to ebb and flow, alchemically marbling into organic form and line.

Chalmers work is currently on show at Guerilla Galleries HQ in Shoreditch east London and has featured at its 100% NUDE show, the 2013 exhibition ART & PROTEST and Random Acts of Artistry.

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