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Paris-based artist Elizabeth Roman uses highly saturated, vibrant colours inspired by the muralist movement to express cultural, social and political issues not only as an aesthetic contemplation but as a convergence of protest and artists who refuse to fit in.

Roman who has roots in Peru assembles her experience into a complex visual language, one which alludes to some primitive yet thoughtful origin. She cites Mexican murals, the Narrative Figuration movement and urban street artists as her influences, all notable for criticising contemporary society.

Her techniques of combining art, graphic design and social engagement are a direct reflection of her work’s purpose: to call an urgency for awareness and urge viewers to raise questions about their everyday lives and look further. Roman’s method of bold, graphical imagery seeks a growing niche of its own in the fast rising “Urban Contemporary” art movement.

Roman has five pieces on display at Guerilla Galleries in Shoreditch, all of which explore a different aspect of her social observations. 

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